About Aimee Jade Monti 
Italian Teenage Designer in Qatar 

Aimee Jade Monti 

Aimee Jade Monti is a 16 years old Italian that has lived in Doha since 2007.  

"I grew up with both Qatari and Italian culture in my heart. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 7 years old and my dream is to go to The Polimoda in Florence ranked among the top three fashion institutes in the world.  ​

My adventure started as a school project, where I decided not only to design my first collection but also to produce the abayas and I got the high quality materials from Italy.​ 

I believe that teenagers should Dream Big! 

An experience like this stays with me all my life regardless of the success I will have…

I love to create bespoke abayas with high quality Italian Fabrics and creative details decorations that are unique for each customer... 


"I think I am quite fortunate to experience the beginning of new fashion trends in Qatar because it has only been a few years that the Qatari girls are wearing different Abaya styles.

Abayas used to be mainly black with some decorations on the sleeves now they have started wearing colorful and open abayas. 

Simplicity is key in modest fashion... So, there is nothing too extravagant in my abayas. They can be seen as 

People change and so do fashion styles. 

Replacing the new with old is breaking tradition, but if done in a respectful manner, it is part of progress…"

"My abayas have butterflies and emojis with denim fabrics mixed with silk & Swarovski and they are probably a bit extreme, but to get noticed you have to be a little extravagant...

This is what normally happens when extravagant fashion ideas are expressed 

"...I consider myself lucky because I live in Qatar, which is a small country with enormous opportunities and where the Italian community is small but very active therefore the Embassy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce are always keen to promote our initiatives.

I’ve learned a lot about cultural integration with this project by working with different people - my tailor in Doha is from India and at first, he thought I was crazy putting butterflies on an abaya but after when he saw my determination he showed respect.

People from different cultures with a common passion can sync and work well together understanding and respecting each other.

Passion is a force that  brings people together, helps to narrow cultural gaps, breaks stereotypes, and this is exactly the spirit that Qatar will show to the world with 2022”


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